About MFF

About MFF

Paid leave usage rate 71.6% (FY2017)

Employee average age 42 years (excluding officers)

Employee gender composition ratio Men: 58.4% Women: 41.6%

Average length of service 6 years 5 months

Percentage of executives and employees who received ordinary and comprehensive health checks 100% (FY2017)

Attrition rate 4.48% (FY2015-FY2017)

Annual total training time 285 hours (11 hours/person/year, FY2017)

Number of people with certification

The Association for Real Estate Securitization (ARES) certified master: 12 people

Real estate notary: 13 people

Tax Accountant: 1 person

Securities Analyst: 1 person

Real estate appraiser: 1 person

(※)As of October 1, 2018

What makes you feel the most loyalty toward the company?

  • They take care of the employees.
  • The environment and systems make it easy to work.
  • The club activities foster internal communication.
  • The health and welfare benefits are better than normal.

What is the atmosphere in the company like?

  • It is easy to communicate.
  • In a variety of situations you can frankly consult with others and reach mutual understanding.

Is the training and human resource development substantial?

  • The company actively implements a variety of trainings.
  • The company actively sends us to seminars and other learning opportunities that match our work.
  • There is substantial voluntary in-house training and opportunities to expand our duties.

Extracted from the Employee Satisfaction Survey (conducted in March 2018)